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About Chuck Copenspire

Hey there, I'm Chuck, the Anti-Professional Professional—a Marketing Consultant, Magical Weirdo, and Social Media Analyst. My mission is to empower under-represented entrepreneurs (ethically!) by helping them build and monetize their online followings.

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The Anti Professional Podcast is for bold entrepreneurs who want to challenge the definition of success. Host Chuck Copenspire explores unconventional paths to health, wealth, and happiness. Guests challenge traditional concepts of professionalism by sharing raw, real-life stories. Hear from industry experts and thought leaders who have forged their own unique paths. This podcast stands out from the crowd with bold discussions that inspire listeners to dream bigger. Together, we can think outside the box, and build a better future where EVERYONE can win.

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As a SaaS platform owner, I know how hard it is to find talent that can actually deliver. Chuck is an example of someone who not only delivers but over-delivers.

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Holy moly chuck! You've done it again!! Dang, you're a badass. Thank you so much! You're always leaving me with stars in my eyes.

Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 6.28.36 PM

I have so much business that I now hired someone to work for me. So thank you for believing in me and helping me grow this business that I love!


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