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Hook of the Day #3 - "Be Terrible"

Caption Hook Template:

How to be terrible at {thing you're an expert at}

Anyone can write a "how-to" but writing a "how-not-to" can be a funny way to show your expertise and set you apart from the competition.

A hook should always "interrupt" patterns and showing all the wrong ways to solve a problem can speak to audience pain points and struggles in a way that also makes them laugh

This is also a great way to connect with other leaders in your niche who want to break down the status quo and change things for the better.


How to be TERRIBLE at affiliate marketing

How NOT to plan a trip to mexico 

3 ways to FAIL COMPLETELY at starting a youtube channel in 2023

How to NEVER succeed at real estate investing

Feel free to link yours in the comments below or use #hotd3 to help us track the results of this experiment.


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I'm a sales coach, funnel builder, and magical weirdo who helps under-represented entrepreneurs find their footing in the business world and charge what they're worth.

As a neurodivergent queer parent with purple hair and a neck tattoo, I know how it feels to be under-estimated and misunderstood in business. I'm here to change that. It's my mission to show that you can be weird, gay, and successful - on your own terms.

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