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Hook of the Day #2 - "Raw Joy"

Show us who you are and what you do, through short storytelling.

Make a joke or share an intimate anecdote about what drives you.

The world is your oyster, just write something honest and post it.

Caption Hook Template:

My favorite part of being a {whatever you are} is getting to {thing you love} every day

(this could be honest or tongue-in-cheek)


My favorite part of being a social media manager is getting comments from robots 🙄


My favorite part of raising rabbits for a living is waking up with the sun each day


Being a teacher is hard, but getting a high five from the weird kid every day makes it worth it


Some days I want to give up on being a sex educator, but then I remember that I get to do *this* for a living {show a picture or video of something you love}

Feel free to link yours in the comments below or use #hotd2 to help us track the results of this experiment.


I'm Chuck

the anti-professional professional.

I'm a sales coach, funnel builder, and magical weirdo who helps under-represented entrepreneurs find their footing in the business world and charge what they're worth.

As a neurodivergent queer parent with purple hair and a neck tattoo, I know how it feels to be under-estimated and misunderstood in business. I'm here to change that. It's my mission to show that you can be weird, gay, and successful - on your own terms.

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