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When Marketing Your Business Online, Have You Ever Felt…

  • "Too weird", "too boring", "too {insert insecurity here}" to find paying customers?

  • Overwhelmed by creating content, building a website, or “finding your niche”

  • Uncomfortable “selling your soul” and feeling fake on social media

  • Panicked when you actually get on a sales call and they ask what you charge


You're not alone!  Starting a business is a BIG job,  and it's okay to get some help.

I’m Chuck Copenspire

Business Coach. Content Creator. Magical Weirdo.
With a background in slam poetry, software development, and social media marketing

I help ethical coaches, consultants, and personal brands  Automate and scale an online business without selling their soul 

I will show you how to throw OUT manipulative sales and marketing techniques so you can build a business from home that benefits you AND your customers.

Woman influencer presenting yellow book in front of recording smartphone. Similing content creator broadcasting review for social media channel in home studio with microphone and laptop.

Make strategic and engaging content in half the time

Lead Generation. Finding and identifying customers for your business products or services

Optimize your customer journey and sales funnels to build relationships

Business woman drawing global structure networking and data exchanges customer connection on dark background

Develop and scale irresistible high-ticket offers that stand out in any niche

Here’s the  Exact System  any business can use to (ethically!)

 maximize  your leads and sales online.

Online Business Owners are Using Ethical Sales Automation to Grow Like CRAZY in 2023

If you follow this system, you cannot lose. I'm willing to bet you $100

  • Embrace your weirdness

  • Sell to 1-3 avatars (max!)

  • Use Social Media SEO

  • Provide value before you sell

  • Start an Email List

  • Have an amazing landing page

  • Make it easy to buy from you

  • Know your Worth

  • Set up Retargeting Campaigns

  • Set up Retargeting Campaigns

BTW... If my system doesn't work for you, I'll give you $100
Let's Make Some Noise

Custom Digital Strategy  For Startups, Solopreneurs and Small Businesses 


Social Media + Sales Funnels

It's time to maximize your marketing dollars and increase your brand awareness using social media.

We can help you establish a consistent online voice and show people how awesome you are on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We design social campaigns with a focus on driving sales and staying ahead of the ever-changing algorithms. Optimize your social media presence to grow relationships, build niche authority and make sure your voice is heard.


Branded Content Strategy

You're the leader with a vision for your brand, why are you spending your precious free time making struggling to learn complicated and expensive design tools?

We don't just create logos, we are a full design and branding agency. We’ll create graphics that tell a cohesive story across all platforms, using consistent colors, fonts, and design elements to define your unique online signature.


Automated Sales + Marketing Sequences

Websites are a powerful marketing tool.

Our engaging websites are designed to be mobile-friendly, and we offer SEO-based content strategy to help your customers find you organically.

Not sure what to say? We help you write everything - including information about your products and services, special offers and promotions, and critical business updates.


Video + Animation

Who doesn't love a funny GIF, or a value-packed and sharable youtube video that captures their attention?

Tell your story with compelling animations, GIFs and video.
Whether you're a one-person startup or corporate company, it's important to show off your talent on social media. We write, produce, edit, and even find experts to star in your next video series.


Previous  Magical Weirdos  I've Worked With


"Holy Moly Chuck! You've done it again!! Dang, you're a badass. Thank you so much! You're always leaving me with stars in my eyes. 🤩"

Terra Lyn A.

"I have so much business that I now hired someone to work for me. So THANK you for believing in me and helping me grow this business that I love!"

Hunter F.

"ORDERS COMING IN! Great job! Only up from here 👏 btw just wanted to say one of my reels is doing a 1000 views an hour!"

Dan M.

I'm Chuck

the anti-professional professional.

I'm a sales coach, funnel builder, and magical weirdo who helps under-represented entrepreneurs find their footing in the business world and charge what they're worth.

As a neurodivergent queer parent with purple hair and a neck tattoo, I know how it feels to be under-estimated and misunderstood in business. I'm here to change that. It's my mission to show that you can be weird, gay, and successful - on your own terms.

This is YOUR  Opportunity to Succeed  in 2023

We all know that social media is the most effective way of making sales online today. And you also know that marketing online isn't just about creating a website and posting some content on it. You have to leverage every possible way to get your business noticed.
It could take you weeks or years to learn this on your own (like me!) or you could benefit from my experience and use my validated tools and stratgies.

The choice is yours!