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The Absolute CHEAPEST Lighting and Sound SetUp in 2023

I met with a TikToker today who asked me for some tips about improving content quality, so here’s what I’ve got for you. (Yes, there are affiliate links in this article) For a list of software that I use, click here.

  1. Use your back camera if your front camera isn’t awesome. I know not everyone has the latest iPhone, so if you’re working with what you’ve got… flip your camera around, set up your shot, and use the back camera to improve your depth of field and contrast.
  2. Face a window with sunlight coming through. Natural sunlight through a window is a great way to improve your lighting.
  3. Get some cheap LED lights. These are the ones I use. I like that I can clamp them onto things if I don’t want to use the tripod they come with. I like that I can rotate the color filter as well. (yes, that’s an affiliate link) COST: $38 for 2

4. These tiny little microphones that plug into your phone are shockingly good. You may have to get an adaptor for it, though, if you don’t have a headphone jack. For desktop recording, I use the classic Blue Yeti Nano mic. I got my yeti nano used and saved some money that way. I tried a lavalier mic and it bugged me, so I don’t use that.
COST: Little Mic — $15. Iphone Adaptor — $9. Blue Yeti Nano — $98

5. Get a simple backdrop. I have done as little as literally thumbtacking greenscreen fabric behind me. When I want to do something more fancy, I bought this cheap backdrop stand and have been really happy with it. However, the sandbags didn’t come with sand!! So that was kinda lame.
COST: Backdrop — $25, Backdrop Stand — $44

So the grand total at the end of the day, if you choose to get all of these is… 230 bucks! Not bad for a business startup cost!

Good luck out there and let me know if you have any questions.


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